Michael B Jordan briefly addresses rumors surrounding Miami photos


I was totally aware of Michael B. Jordan’s trip to Miami thanks to Twitter, Instagram and me being a huge supporter of his. As many fans did, I wished him well on his trip, jealous because the weather is so cold in Baltimore. Yesterday a very interesting article surfaced my twitter mentions thanks to someone who doesn’t even follow me. When I went to read the article I saw pictures of Michael and another woman, a woman that seemed to be spanish, simply enjoying the sun. As the day progressed I saw more blogs posting the same story and read the comments that followed. Most were rude of course and from women who assumed he was dating this “mystery woman” in the pictures. So in poured the “interracial comments” which I expected. I felt that the comments were mediocre and being a fan of Michael for many years I’ve grown to know that he isn’t shallow so I was appalled reading the comments expressed on different blog sites. Later on last night another twitter user tweeted me :


I read this and I did respond and defend Michael because it seems to always be a crime for a black man to even breathe the same air of a woman of a different race. I just feel people shouldn’t make assumptions when they don’t truly know a person. So I contacted Michael via Twitter last night and told him I didn’t appreciate the disrespect people were showing because of the article. Once I got a response we briefly discussed the situation this morning via Twitter and when I brought up the tweet Michael replied, “Lmao I actually love black women. I’m in Miami it’s a lot of Spanish women here lol” which pretty much sums it up for people who were beating him down verbally for the pictures that surfaced the net yesterday and wondering if he doesn’t like black women. As always Michael addresses things with positivity. Moral of the story is, when you assume most of the time you make an ass out of yourself people!

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          1. Well he “says” he loves black women. This girl could just be a buddy of his that he hangs out with at the beach. I’m sure there’s nothing going on.Yeah right!lol

          2. I’m just messing around.lol When I was I middle school my girlfriend Anna was Hispanic. And I had a Puerto rican girlfriend when I was in my 20’s. But all the rest of my girlfriends have been black. I’m just a little more attracted to sistas. Their skin,hair and body type. But I can see beauty in all women. I just think black women are the prettiest.

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