What is your ideal type of man or woman?


A lot of us may say that we don’t have a type but, truth is we do. Whether its features or personality , it all simmers down to the “type” of way you want your he or she to be. After you break up with that boyfriend or girlfriend that you really loved,  you tend to date people after who are just like them or look similar, then you have a set “type.” So I ask, what is your type?

Shae McCoy

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  1. My ideal woman would have to have a beautiful exterior as well as a beautiful interior. She would have to be my equal. Someone who would inspire my creative abilities and challenge me intellectually. A woman who will grow with me and not make it her mission to change what she doesn’t like about me. Someone who is moved by chivalry, but is also deserving of it. A woman who carries herself like a true Queen and demands to be respected as such. A woman who will take risks and isn’t afraid to do something outside of the norm. I’m sure I’m forgetting a few other traits, but this is the gist of it.

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