In Review: “Mandela : Long Walk to Freedom”


A very compelling film, “MANDELA: Long Walk to Freedom” gives us great insight in to the brutal truths of the late Nelson Mandela’s long lived pivotal life. This film told the early life story of the late South African President before his reign: dealing with things such as segregation, apartheid, imprisonment and, Inauguration which the film does a good job of going in depth with.  Things you may not have even known about such as his promiscuity with women before Winnie, and his controlling ways.

Idris Elba as Nelson Mandela and Naomie Harris as Winnie, they both executed their roles as expected. The movie was a bit too short though, if they were going to tell his “Life story” then the whole story should have been paraphrased in to this one film. The passing of Nelson Mandela added more impact and meaning to this film and Elba’s role. It’s a must see especially if you don’t know much about the legacy of Nelson Mandela. There may be a tad bit of confusion on some parts because those particular moments of his life weren’t exposed as much as others. This film proves that Mandela was a powerful yet flawed man. I recommend that you go and see this film and get enlightened!

This Film gets four stars simply because of the content left out from the film, other than that everything was pretty much perfected. Good Job Justin Chadwick!