Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, Or self promoted prostitution sites?


Prostitution used to be a thing women and men did because they were either desperate for money at the time or were forced In to it. Nowadays prostitution is normal, as I see it. Prostitution is done for free and the root of all evil is these social networking sites. Sites that were meant for business and linking up with long lost friends are now used to basically traffick soft porn, hardcore porn, crimes and more. Women post half naked pictures of themselves all day hoping they’ll find the man of their  when in all reality that’s prostitution.  Showing what you got to earn something  you want. It May not necessarily be money but, its something these females seek out of this, validation.  Men do the same thing flaunting money and expenses just so that they can impress other men, eww, and catch the eye of females. It’s all mild prostitution when you think of it. I get on instagram only to see “memes” of woman bashing men or other woman or, simply posting reasons why they should be “cuffed” or “wifed.”  Men talk about how women are “thots” all day and then they also end up marketing themselves for other women. So do you agree with my statement or am I just talking sh*t.

Shae McCoy