Indie film lookout: “Modern Day”Racism unfolds before your eyes in “Boiling Pot”

Watch movie teaser here.



An upcoming 2014 independent film that shows the repercussions of racism through the eyes of different people specifically student groups on a college campus. Director, Omar Ashmawey and writer, Ibrahim Ashmawey did a good job of converting many true stories that happened around the country in to film and revolving these events around one key setting. Boiling Pot is based on many true stories and events that occured during the one of the most influential election periods. Boiling Pot is a film that I believe will bring more light to modern day racism.

I won’t spoil the film, just make sure that you go and see it in 2014!

You can learn more about the film and show your support here:
Twitter: @boilingpotmovie

Shae McCoy