Sign language interpreter at Mandela Memorial said to be a fake blames his blunders on schizophrenia episode!


Out of the many little things that went on at the memorial this was one of the biggest of them all. I don’t find this funny at all. It was noticed people like  by Wilma Newhoudt and Bruno Peter Bruchen who both slaughtered the “deaf interpreter” on twitter. It has been said that this is not Thamsanqa Jantjie’s first time succeeding at a bogus interpreting job. There were also other deaf interpreters in different places and their interpretations were compared with his. It was said that Jantjie was having a schizophrenic episode on stage and said that he saw angles in the soccer stadium. I don’t find his story believable nor does anyone else. I think it was an act of disrespect towards Nelson Mandela and towards the people who were there to remember him. Being as though he was there to also represent the deaf population and leaders of different countries just made matters worse.

Shae McCoy