2013 could be one of the best years for Black Indie Filmmakers and films! (Spotlight on filmmaker Ryan Coogler)


This year I believe that “Black Hollywood” took a turn for the best. Films were released back to back and each one executed upon prediction. One of the best black indie films that I’ve seen this year, hands down has to be “Fruitvale Station.” The film was based on an event that most of the current generation, including myself can relate to. Ryan Coogler who was 26 in the making of his film definitely should get a filmmaker of the year award for this one. I know there was “The Butler” and “12 Years a Slave”

and don’t get me wrong both were well put together films.

Both films executed when it came to reflecting on history. I believe “Fruitvale Station” grabbed me the most because I got to see one of my favorite actors evolve. Michael B. Jordan , I believe was underrated as an actor and this film gave him the ability to show true talents.  Now he is being compared to greats! I compared him to Denzel, some agreed and some said it was too soon. I also felt that I could relate more to Ryan’s film because the events that happened in “Fruitvale Station” happen in every day life and Ryan gave you a sample of that. He let us know who Oscar Grant was and the kind of person he was perceived to be without sugar coating. I, along with other viewers appreciated the authenticity of the film. I just feel like this year opened a realm for young black actors and filmmakers. Ryan Coogler may have paved the way. As young as he is and how close in age he is with me I instantly became inspired. He is definitely one to watch in these upcoming years of film! Seeing how great black films did this year brought on a new interest for me, film. I enjoyed writing about films this year. I predict next year for black indie films will be the same.

Shae McCoy

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