How do you feel about friending coworkers on social networks? Would you rather not?


Many people find that being friends with coworkers on social media only leads to trouble. Especially when you are posting personal things about yourself or your frustrations about the job you all work at, it can be a problem. You have those coworkers who only want to snoop through your profiles to use things against you but, you also have the coworkers who genuinely want to be your friend or have very boring social sites and need your drama to excite them.

Shae McCoy

0 thoughts on “How do you feel about friending coworkers on social networks? Would you rather not?

  1. its not worth the trouble having co workers follow you or friend you on the social network sites. Like you said at the top its leads to bad things. I learned a few things workign in a corprate envioment a majority of these people will stab you in the back to get ahead. If you post things on your social media and they feel they have a leg up on you they will snitch. So i say no to adding people on social networks that you work with.

      1. yeah i made that mistake but now i dont add any of them the only socail website i add co workers now is linkedin.

  2. I rather not but you have to choose who you friend from the workplace. It can lead to drama. Business is business & i prefer to keep things professional seperate from my personal life. You are a different person in your social life, and you wouldn’t want others to judge you for that in the workplace because people tend to do that

      1. for the few co workers / former co workers that slide thru the cracks on facebook i restricted they asses so they cant see any of my post on facebook. instagram is private and nobody will ever know my twitter at work .

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