A night of winning for the cast and director of Fruitvale Station as Ryan Coogler and Michael B. Jordan both rake in awards at The Gotham Independent Film Awards!


A night of triumph for the crew of Ryan Coogler’s independent film “Fruitvale Station.” This film has had a very successful year when it comes to awards nominations for awards. Last night the Gotham Film Awards was available for streaming where many supporters watched Michael B. Jordan receive the Breakout Actor award, which was well deserved because Michael has done great in past projects and has many great projects on hos horizon. Ryan Coogler received the Breakthrough Director award for his hardwork with Fruitvale Station, being as young as he is, 27, to be exact it just puts more “umph” in to the meaning of his award. Of course the film cast was in attendance,

everyone minus Octavia Spencer but she still showed her support from afar.

Shae McCoy

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