How do you go about disciplining your children? Does it make a difference or make things worse?


Many parents have different ways of doing things with their children, including discipline.  Some parents feel as though when their child disobeys them that it gives them the right to put their hands on their child. I totally disagree with that. There are many ways you can discipline a child without doing something that will hurt them. You can simply give them a verbal warning or gradually take things of enjoyment away. I see whipping as child abuse. How do you discipline your child? Do you agree or disagree with my point of view?

Shae McCoy

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  1. I don’t have any children but plenty typing siblings & cousins that I watch & my method is to take things away. I’ll have them sit there & watch Oprah with me in compete silence, make a nose then the time just gets extended. But children are never really bad around me, because I make it clear the first time, I don’t play that disrespect stuff. I’m firm & consistent. But Shae I’ll have to disagree with your point of view. I think it depends on the severity of the offense & age. I really believe the child should at least be 5 or 6 before you start beating them. Some situations call for more then verbal warnings or taking items away. My brothers are bad as hell & deserve every beating they get. An old fashion belt will do but none of that punching or kicking them around. Parents need to be consistent though and catch the disrespect early, not 10 yrs old when they finally fed up

  2. ok, since im a child who got both types of punishment.. I believe in both. if I ask you to do something and you don’t do it the first time, im going to tell you do, and make sure you do while im still standing there. if I ask you to do something a third time, im going to physically put my hand, foot, belt, lamp… to you so you know it’s not a game. but I’ve also grown to have some patience because if not, then the anger will get the best of me

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