Survival of the Fittest : The Inevitable Defeat of Mister and Pete Movie Review


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Just from the picture above you can feel every bit of emotion that this movie still was meant to give. The Inevitable Defeat of Mister and Pete, written by Michael Starrbury and directed by George Tillman Jr. and singer Alicia Keys as one of the executive producers, gave the viewers a taste or should I say serving of what  survival really is. Many people including myself can relate to this film of brutal truth. There was so much anticipation before the release of this film this past October,just from the previews you could predict that this film would have a very impacting result on the viewers. For some people seeing this movie was like reliving a horrid memory, while others who haven’t been through what Mister and Pete experienced may look at this film and appreciate what they have in a different light. The star actors in this film,Jennifer Hudson,Skylan Brooks,Ethan Dizon,Jordin Sparks, Anthony Macky,Adewale,and Julito McCullum did a great job at becoming their roles. You would have thought you were really in the Brooklyn projects witnessing all of the dreadful action.


This wasn’t a typical fun filled summer in Brooklyn for two youths who basically lived in poverty, who may have cracked a few smiles but their situations were definitely not laughing matters. As if things couldn’t get worse both Mister (Skylan Brooks) and Pete (Ethan Dizon) have to deal with the crucial truth that both of their moms are being pimped by one man, Kris (Anthony Mackie) and were strung out. Both of them being in the same ship that seems to be sinking they stick together like glue once


 Mister’s mother, Gloria (Jennifer Hudson) is busted in a semi raiding of her own apartment.Many obstacles came to the horizon once Gloria was locked away with no return in sight. Both Mister and Pete grew hungry day by day , at first, Mister was reluctant in caring for Pete but eventually became sympathetic for him. While dealing with the headaches of life, Mister and Pete also have to deal with being scoped out by Child Protective Services, they both had fears of ending up in the hands of the system. Very bold and outspoken Mister did anything so that he and Pete can eat even if it resorted to begging or stealing. They seem to not be able to escape the troubles of their environment.


The neighborhood  villain Dipstick (Julito McCullum),gave Mister terror almost every day that they encountered each other but, his antics were soon to be ceased.Settling with the life of the streets, Mister and Pete gained a lot of survival skills. Even when Pete grew ill Mister was able to take care of him with little to no help. Although there were many trials that tested the young men Mister still had dreams that he wanted to fulfill regardless of what he was going through. He didn’t let hardships deter him from still having a vision and, in the end Mister receives his happy ending along with Pete in a way. Even though Pete was taken you can see his happiness for Mister when Gloria showed back up in Mister’s life.

This film did a good job of depicting real life events that go on in peoples’ everyday lives. Many people can pick at least one situation out of the film and say they have either experienced it or knows someone who did. This film caused people to get in touch with situations that may have happened in their lives but, were too afraid to relive. The whole film crew should be applauded for touching so many hearts and subconscious minds with this film.