Are you the downfall to your own relationship? Do you stand in the way of your own happiness without even knowing?


Find yourself always looking for a reason to argue, even though you don’t like to argue? You, my friend are inflicting pain on your own relationship. It’s a common action that most of us take part in. Someone who did you wrong in the past causes you to treat the next person as bad as you were treated but, at the same time you don’t want the new interest to treat you that way. I’ve done it, trying to keep my guards up not to be hurt but, really all I was doing was blocking my own blessings. You have to be open! You have to sometimes be vulnerable! Don’t go searching for things so that you can be upset because usually if a person is doing wrong it will sooner or later surface. You just have to have faith in yourself, and your significant other. If they haven’t given you a reason to wonder then don’t! This is cliche but, treat your significant other or interest the way you would like to be treated, everyone has been hurt before do not let that become your crutch in your love life!

Shae McCoy