Question of the day: What would you do if you were catfished by a “D Pimpin?”


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As I sat and watched the MTV show, Catfish last night I drowned myself in tears, tears of laughter that is, as a woman really thought her fan fantasy of rapper/host Bow Wow  was becoming a reality. First of all it could have been believable being as though some celebrities do interact with fans online but, as far as texing and sending money is concerned she should have known that it wasn’t Bow Wow. I was eager for a while because I just wanted Bow Wow to come out of that door when they approached the house. Once they opened the door Bow Wow’s lesbian sister?! She came out and I literally rolled on the floor. I was in awe along with Nev and Max and the whole viewing area. (Lol) I know that ke ke was hurt! She probably wanted to fight once she found out the truth about D Pimpin, borrowing money, career was a fluke, doesn’t sound like Bow Wow to me.

Shae McCoy