I “AM” My Hair : Hair Chronicles

IMG_20131006_1I just can’t get enough of my hair!  I’ve done so much to add personality to my hair from cutting to coloring. Many women aren’t as big on hair and I wasn’t either but, as I got older I realized that as a women that hair is an accessory to an already fabulous outfit. Many women struggle with their hair. It’s not easy to find products that will react to your hair texture,especially if you are one that sports natural hair.

From grade school up until middle school I always rocked braids with different designs, which went along with my tom-boy style that I was giving and I regret giving! Once I started  going to high school my hair went through many transitioning phases. I started sporting Up-dos my freshman year and I wasn’t too proud of that hair moment. I was introduced to weave in the tenth grade.

I won’t even lie to you, weave made me feel pretty, people complimented my hair more and men,well boys were finding it attractive on me. I did every style from bob cuts, short cuts, and more. My biggest hair blunder was when I decided to cut and dye my hair a copper orange color. I thought I was really sexy but my best friend let me know otherwise. “Shae, what the fuck” is all I remember him saying to me and I was quickly discouraged but, I laughed it off.

I started wearing weave again after that experience, but it wasn’t long before I started showcasing  a short and sassy cut that people loved! When Rihanna decided to start wearing her short and sassy cut, many girls copied but couldn’t nail it. I nailed it! My friend who styled me up did a stupendous job. Who would have known I would be rocking a short cut for almost six years! I was switching the style up a lot, colors, bangs and all.

Just recently this year the short cut look and I separated. It was time to break up with my love “The shot cut.” My hair wasn’t as strong and it was badly damaged. First thing  I did the next time I went to the hair dressers was get a treatment ( must I remind you that I have went through almost ten hairdressers in my life),I also had my hair permed which I know was a no-no. My over-processed hair couldn’t take the perms every two weeks, yes every two weeks,since my hair was short and my grain is thick I had to keep a perm. I had a temporary bob cut until I realized  that I was spending entirely too much money on my hair. I was coming out of pocket with $100 bi-weekly to keep my hair tight.

The natural hair era took the world by storm and at first I was skeptical because I saw some good and bad turnouts. Females cutting their hair down to a tennis ball appearance, to females who had mini bushes, I was in great question to what brought this style back. Then I realized that it was actually great that women were embracing their natural attributes. I think it is so beautiful to see a woman in her most rare form and that is Natural. So I made the choice to go natural, six months strong might I add, and it’s people who didn’t like my choice. I started my natural journey by of course being chemical free but, I also started wearing protective styles. I find protective styles convenient for my fast pace life and convenient for my pockets. Once my hair grows out to a desirable length then I will wear my hair out more.

The moral of this story is “Make the hairstyle, don’t let the hairstyle make you!” Your hair is your style,confidence,lover,friend,and accessory.

I AM my hair, are you?

Here’s a hair inspired poem, “Vanity Slaves” by MIche’ Rhineheart (Twitter: Paper_Miche)

Hot combs, creme relaxer
Ceramic finish of an iron.
Spritz so the style holds.
Changes with the decade, but the fascination never gets old.
Needles & thread, Packs or bundles
10-30 inches long
“pat your weaves ladies” is now the rave and not just because of a song.
A trim here & there or completely shaved,
The majority of us have been conditioned into vanity slaves.
Parts made by a rat tail comb,
Blue magic spread across the row
Or you could be like Darryl & let yo soul glow!
Smooth & silky or nappy at the root.
Thousands of stores, with a wide variety to choose.
Spending big money, even if it means scrapping up dimes,
Chastised if you lay hands on the pack that’s $5.99.
Oppressed by strands & texture
“oh girl this is remy, 1B, loose deep wave”
HAIR HAS CAPTURED US, we, the vanity slaves.