Question of the day: Women, Do you prefer a man who shows his emotions or a man who hides them?


In the current relationship scenarios of our society men are a lot different than they used to be. Many of them have so much pride that the minute they feel like they are getting disrespected by their woman instead of talking it out to diffuse the situation they result something stupid such as cheating just because they couldn’t talk it out. Men were always about being the strong one but not always being the smart one . Sorry guys! Most men see showing emotions as a weakness but, could the fact that they are not showing emotions make them weak in reality? If more men puy their pride aside could there be more successful relationships?

Shae McCoy

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  1. I would love a man who shows his emotions. You don’t have to display them publicly, alone between us is just fine. Having to guess a mans emotions is too much work because they will never tell you really how they are feeling until its too late and you’re head deep in a heated argument and he’s calling it quits. Make things simple for both you and me. I never viewed showing emotion as being weak for a man, I just thought of it as exressing how you felt whether good or bad emotions. Yes, a man should be strong but when you find a woman who you love then you have to be vulnerable at some point. A man should feel comfortable enough with his partner to do so anyway, if not then that person just isn’t for you in my opinion. Life is already too complicated why make your personal relationship the same. Say what and how you feel & if that person is mature enough then they won’t think twice about questioning your masculinity level but appreciate you being honest and up front. But that’s just me lol

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