Artist of the Month: Mack Wilds “Owns It” Career wise!


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Some may look at this picture and instantly go in to deep questioning just as I did. I kept  hearing the hype of Mack Wilds on a social site that I frequent daily, Twitter . I didn’t pay it any mind at first because I honestly thought it was another hit or miss rapper. The more I heard about him , the more I grew eager know who he was.

So I did my research only to find that the alias Mack Wilds belonged to actor Tristan Wilds! Which made sense after I carefully analyzed the names, I was was surprised  to see that he was singing because in my mind with a name like Mack it always associates itself with rap or pimping but, that’s another subject.  Now if I ever see him I won’t know what to call him. The 24 year-old , Staten Island native showed people that he could handle two careers at once which is what is admired about him.

Usually when you see people switch roles in their career setting it usually doesn’t boom that fast. Mack went from being on the HBO series

Mack Wilds In HBO Series "The Wire"
Mack Wilds In HBO Series “The Wire” as Michael Lee
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“The Wire”,films like “The Secret Life of Bees” and “Redtails”,and roles on television shows such as “90210” to being a singer that many people love, especially the ladies!


Mack has a popular single on the music market right now , “Own It” written by r&b singer Ne-yo and is featured on his up coming album “New York: A Love Story”,that claimed the summer and gave me an authentic feel when I first listened.  The “street” beat to this song automatically makes me think “New York” and not modern day but that 90’s New York feel. I crowned this the hit of the summer just because you couldn’t get away from it. Radio stations wouldn’t let you! This song could be interpreted in so many ways once you listen to it a few times. I played it  in to my own life when dealing with my goals and aspirations. I’m pretty sure that I am not the only one anticipating the release of  this album on September 30th of this year, his fans are anxious to see what he does next! Make sure your that when “New York : A Love Story” is released that you “Own It.”  We all can’t wait to have our own piece of New York in our hands on your release date Mack!