Look Who Got Featured : St. Petersburg,Florida rapper Zxggy takes me to “Planet Hollywood”


 Akeem Weston better known as Zxggy or King Zxggy showed me something through his music that I haven’t felt in a long time. Usually when I take a listen to rappers’ mix tapes I don’t get as much feeling as I did with Zxggy. When it comes to other artists he gives me a mixture, which made me even more eager to listen to what he had to say through his music.

This Ohio bred,St. Petersburg Florida residing rapper didn’t let the hardships of his early life distract him from proceeding with his dreams. He really proved that minor setbacks lead to major comebacks, with him being adopted at a young age, and then being sent to Florida and then showing the world who he has grown to be, Zxggy. Despite the complications  that he dealt with, when his mom came back in to his life, Akeem kept pushing until his aspirations came to life.

When he reached the 7th grade,Akeem began rapping and took heed to the name Zxggy. Since he has  started rapping , He has managed to release over ten mix-tapes. Zxggy also started a group called Paper Cut Gang in 2010, but then left the group earlier this year to pursue solo career goals.

From personally listening to his music I can feel his life through his voice. Meaning all the struggles,hardships,setbacks,come out through song. His voice is heavily forced,in a good way, that even on a club banger you would be like “Damn he’s definitely been through some shit.” That’s the type of music that draws me in quickly because my emotions go in to my work also.

I’ve listened to various songs from Zxggy and there were different types of scenarios I would place some songs in,songs such as Juice, which I admit I would do a mean two-step to in the club, to songs like Destination Paradise which sent me in to complete ecstasy for the whole four minutes and two seconds. Up for discussion is his most recent mix-tape, Planet Hollywood, which I must say wowed me when it came to everything.The beats and instruments were definitely a sick combo, gave me something that I have been missing for a long time and that’s southern sound. Zxggy also has another mix-tape, The Party that will be releasing soon, there is no set release date yet but I expect it to be exceedingly high in listeners.


You can check out music from this up and coming artist on Soundcloud.com,Reverbnation.com, and HotNewHipHop.com

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One of my favorite songs off of the Planet Hollywood mix-tape