Meet The Author! (Shae McCoy)

1001548_10151767423291206_475257298_nShe’s Crazy, Sexy and Cool. She’s a friend and a potential lover. She’s a goof ball, a geek, a smart ass, she is Shae. Here’s a little about your author, Shae McCoy is a Baltimore native born and raised. She is a 22-year-old college student with as many dreams and aspirations as  the next young adult. She’s not your ordinary woman but won’t describe herself out of context, she’s just “human”. Shae enjoys to write as well as talk which explains her previous jobs and endeavors.  Shae’s major in college is Mass Communications which matches her bubbly and free-spirited personality.  Shae is a very determined and ambitious woman and never quits no matter what. 

Bath and Body works magazine

Shae is always willing to give back. She loves to meet new people and to let new people know there are no cut cards when dealing with her. This young mastermind is one of the voices the youth needs. Shae is easy to relate to, she grew up in an urban community and that’s why she feels like she needs to give back. She showed the world that she would not become a product of her community. She works in retail and says “This is only temporary.” knowing that he career will jump off as soon as she graduates college. While in college Shae has had some proud moments. Shae is always the life of the party and the comedian of her friends. Shae is also a sucker for fashion. We love Shae and hope you will too!1075547_10151767030506206_1603566739_o