[Art/Events] Creative Organization, Appreciate the Arts closes out first year with Art of Hue networking event

Photo taken by Shae McCoy.

Black girl magic is what the Appreciate the Arts organization is composed of.  Starting in March of 2017 with founder Tina Bean and co-founders Sweet Baby Zaki and Kay, the organization has been able to cater to the needs of local visual artists by hosting various events throughout the year.

Appreciate the Arts is a creative organization that is dedicated to providing a platform for artists within urban communities. They plan to build a bridge that will connect the communities to the Arts. While doing this, artists will be given the opportunity to create and receive 100% profit off of their creations.

Photo taken by Shae McCoy

The Art of Hue event served as a closing ceremony for the successful year the organization has had. Art of Hue brought together local artists from Baltimore and the DMV area to engage in networking and fun. The intent was for artists to create opportunities and build solid relationships with one another in a relaxed environment. A.T.A. also used this event as a tool to get to know people in the arts community so that they can continue to host events that will benefit them.

A.T.A. has a heap of thank yous to give to event participants, artists Jocelyn and Jon Brick, Greenspan (music artist), Street Scott (producer/TAGMG), the DJ for the evening, Nate (The Artist Exchange Radio) and models Damon Hull, Amber, Shana, and Sandy.

Be on the lookout for more events from Appreciate the Arts in 2018. To keep up with the organization and the awesome things they have coming up, click the links below: