[Music] It’s Gon Be A Nice Tour because Chill Moody said so.

What has West Philly artist, Chill Moody, been cooking up lately? With many local shows and business engagements, I bet you were wondering if a man that busy has time to dedicate to anything else. Well if you came here for some good news, I got you.  

Even with his own Beer, clothing, and apparel brands, and a heap of other things, Chill still managed to harbor momentum for a five stop tour!  It’s Gon Be A Nice Tour, powered by The Loud Music Tour kicks off 10/23/2017. The tour will bless Alexandria,VA , Baltimore,MD, Brooklyn, Ny, Cambridge, MA, and Hamden, CT.  This music tour will feature 2 budding artists, Mus Matos and Dot Cromwell

Find out more about what he has been doing by reading this beautifully written article from Revolt.

Chill‘s performance in Baltimore will be at The Crown on Wednesday, 10/25/2017. If you did not catch him in Baltimore in 2014, here’s your chance to redeem yourself. You definitely do not want to miss out. Here’s how you can be in the place the night Chill comes; if you are new to his artistry, this is a perfect opportunity to experience his lyrical strength along with the artists the will be appearing.  

Purchase your tickets by clicking the link below.


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