[Poetry] S.H.E. [Written By Brandon Williams]

Image Source: http://www.naturalpowerofher.com/tag/black-queen/
The sweetest shade of ebony, she is. Radiance resembling that of the night sky on the clearest August evening. 
But to be blessed to be permitted to be a cloud among this sky. 
Playfully I drift in her midst while she surrounds me, providing both a sense of love and a sense of dread.
Dread that our time together may be short lived, neither of our positions permanent, yet our existences intertwined if only for this moment. 
I shall cherish every breeze we share. I only block out the moon momentarily because I wish her all to myself.
But I am just a cloud, and this goddess, this queen of the night time, she has far more pressing obligations than I. 
Try as I might to stretch and alter my conditions to fit her whim, and I would do it a thousand times over for a glimpse of that smile. 
That smile that has earned its place right where it belongs, a smile that life has tried to strip from her time and time again, a smile that wields a strength stronger than can be comprehended by mere mortals. 
But I understand it quite clearly. And the sounds that emit from this smile stop me in my tracks every time. 
Even when spoken at a whisper, those velvet vocal vibrations rock me to my core, and like the Volcanoes of Earth, bring me to near eruption whenever they grace my ears. 
I’d kiss away every tear she’s ever cried if the opportunity was presented.