[QOTW] Have You Found Your Calling? [Written by Chasity Pryor]

When we were kids, we use to dream about what it was that we wanted to be. Some of us wanted to be doctors and lawyers, firefighters and teachers, while others wanted to be princesses and superheroes. Regardless, we all had aspirations and desires to become someone with a purpose. But, as we’ve gotten older, those aspirations have turned in callings. Some of us have found our calling, our purpose here on this earth. Whether our calling is to help people, to inspire people, to motivate people, or to entertain people, once we figure out what it is that we are supposed to be doing, life begins to take on a new meaning. For some of us, our calling hasn’t made itself known yet and that’s okay. For me, at 25 years old, I haven’t figured out my purpose. I dabble in so many things and I enjoy all of it but nothing has struck me as being “purposeful” and I am okay with that. There is a possibility that we may live our lives without figuring out what our calling is. That’s okay too. As long as you are happy with yourself and the things that you’ve done, then I’d say that you have lived purposefully. Have you found your calling? If so, what is it? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

One response to “[QOTW] Have You Found Your Calling? [Written by Chasity Pryor]

  1. I’m an old head who had aspirations as a kid. But, as you grow and ‘mature’ you kind of learn that there is no calling, per se, but you do discover your passion and what you’re good at. While professionally I don’t do anything close to what I aspired to do as a kid, I have found something I do well. I don’t believe in purpose in life anymore bc people are multi-talented and multi-faceted. Maybe you will find that doing a plethora of things is your passion, what keeps you focused. I find my present job somewhat rewarding, beyond the pay, and I love my family. Sometimes I think I was born to parent…until I need a break and wish I was single and hoeing lol

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