[Poetry] Enchanted by Beauty [Written By Brandon Williams]

Image source: https://kpfa.org/episode/black-love/
The most beautiful curve on a woman’s body is her smile, the most beautiful place for her to be in is her skin; she embodies both in the sweetest shade of brown.
 Brown sugar & spice & everything nice sounds like the perfect breakfast in bed on my mental palate.
Through almond shaped windows, her truth is revealed. The strength of this truth has no doubt broken many men in the past.
I stand at the ready to weave every fiber of my being into a dotted line, on which I’ll sign to her my life; a tribute that pales in comparison to the wonder that is she.
To be lost inside the darkness of her brain without a flashlight, relying purely on feelings to guide me, fills me not with fear, but excitement for each unseen discovery.
 With hair as wild and strong as Mother Earth’s, each strand a representation of the structured, shapeless majesty encased beneath it.
Her presence alone demands respect. Enforces inspiration. Creativity is in abundance within her spirit, so much so that it overflows nurturing the ground she walks on and all who are within its reach.
I had begun to think God ceased to make beings as divine as this, but our introduction only showed me what a fool I’d been.