[Reflection] One Year With Uncommonrealist [Written by Chasity Pryor]


Just a year ago, I messaged Shae on Facebook inquiring about a possible internship opportunity with Uncommonrealist. She was on board immediately and considering that I was her first intern, it was a big deal and it still is. Since then, the site has experienced a lot of growth demographically and in terms of the content that is being posted. There is more diversity in the topics which has helped to broaden the audience and opportunities have been flooding in. For me, interning for the site has opened a lot of doors and it has provided me with experiences that I never thought I’d get to have. I’ve covered music festivals and protests for site content, something that I probably never would have done without the incentive that working for the site has given me. People have reached out to me with editing jobs and opportunities. I’ve edited screenplays and novels. My resume editing business has expanded, all because of the credibility that I get from working for Uncommonrealist. Things have been nothing short of amazing, and even though editing is my thing, I’ve still managed to learn so much more in the process. Going forward, I hope to continue to work for Uncommonrealist and to be a part of its ever-growing success. With everything that we as a team have accomplished so far, I have no doubt in my mind that Uncommonrealist is on the path towards becoming an essential part of the blog empire. I am lucky to be a part of something so great and so influential for other people, especially the younger generation. Being able to share my work with an expansive audience  has allowed me to be more confident in what I write. I am forever grateful for the opportunities that have come my way. Thank you to the Shae for taking a chance with me and thank you to the readers for trusting my words. Onto another year of greatness.


Peace and Love

Chasity P.