[QOTW] Where Do Your Values Come From? [Written By Brandon Williams]

Image Source: http://www.cmg-change.com/blog/the-consultants-cultural-toolkit-3-values/
Image Source: http://www.cmg-change.com/blog/the-consultants-cultural-toolkit-3-values/

We as individuals like the feeling of people “agreeing” with us, whether it is about an opinion on music, movies, politics, etc. we enjoy the feeling that we get when we’ve found someone that looks at the world through the same lenses that we do. It gives us the impression that we aren’t alone in this world and that, at the end of the day, the feeling of unity and companionship in our ways of thinking is something that can’t be compared to. Another large part of these shared thoughts, as I like to call them, are our value systems. While these tend to vary from person to person, we like to believe that certain values are shared by the masses be whether its family values, business ethics, or our perspectives on society as a whole. It’s a common belief that certain things are viewed as right or wrong by the masses i.e., murder, theft, violence against children and animals, things of that nature. But the question I pose today is in regard to your PERSONAL values and where you got them from. I know that a lot of our values and perspectives tend to be instilled in us as children but the beautiful part about growing up is that these ideals are shaped and molded as we grow up. The values that we pick up in our youth are either further rooted into us as adults or life experience can shatter these things and open our minds to alternative ways of thinking. So tell us, the value system that you operate with day to day, where did it come from? Was it put into you by your parents, and if so, were your parents more of the religious type or the free thinking variety? If you built your own values, so to speak, what life experience put those into your psyche, or what did you learn as an adult that altered your perspectives on what was implanted during your adolescence? Let us know where your values come from and what they are, you never know you may come across more people who see things from the same viewpoint as you.

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