[Poetry] Counterclockwise (Part 1 of 3) [Written by Chasity Pryor]

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You held on tight for so long

just to let go so easily.

It’s almost as if you were never really here.

I’ve felt alone for a while now,

avoiding eye contact during coffee,

our backs to each other in bed.

I’ve forgotten what my hand feels like in yours.

Are your lips as soft as they use to be?

Are your eyes still enticing?

Does your voice still sound like I’m being wrapped in velvet?

We move so mechanically,

avoiding bumping shoulders,

staying out of each other’s way in fear of awkward silences and heartbreak.

It’s all so deafening.

The distance is widening.

Our use-to-be home is saddening.

The walls are cold and the floorboards creak under the weight of this loneliness that I carry.

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