[QOTW] How Would You Describe Love? [Written By Brandon Williams]

Valentines Day was this week, and as with each and every other holiday, there are people on both sides of the fence in regards to how they feel about this day. On the one hand, there are those who are avid fans of the day and could not wait to wake up and shower the ones they love with various red colored trinkets and chocolates of all shapes and sizes and fillings. And there are those who are staunchly against the holiday spewing venom over all their social platforms, either coming from a place of bitterness from a past Valentine’s day or from the loneliness that ensued during this current one. Either way, it is just about all that has been talked about throughout the days leading up the 14th. And while I can respect the views and opinions of those on both sides, I myself am one who is a fan of the day and what it REALLY means to the general majority. It’s not just a day to go out and splurge your money on gifts and items, but the day in itself is about celebrating love as a whole, be it romantic love, platonic love, family love at all of its levels, it’s just about the open expression and celebration of the existence and presence of love in our lives. Love is a very fragile thing to some people and life provides us all with two definitions of it. There’s the love that we’re TAUGHT to recognize and the love that we experience that provides us with our own personal definition and perception towards the emotion. My question to you folks this is week is based on what you’ve seen and experienced in your life, how would you describe love? I realize that it is very difficult to define so that’s why I decided not to ask each of you to try and put the actual feeling and act of love into words, but if you had to explain what love felt like to someone who had never felt it before, how would  you go about doing so??? Let us know in the comments. I’m curious to see how many people, if any, use the same words or ways to describe such a massive feeling.