[QOTW] Single vs. Taken: Who Really Has It Better? [Written by Brandon Williams]


With Valentine’s day approaching, the atmosphere is about to be awash with thoughts of love and romance. Pictures of people with their significant others showing off their gifts and trinkets and other tokens of affection will be popping up on all forms of social media, while the single people will either be staying indoors under the radar or, venturing out to one of the many specially themed singles events providing them with if not ACTUAL romance, a nice distraction from the solitude that will be pushed further in their faces on this “holiday”. Now, of course, we all have our individual thoughts and perspectives on romance and companionship, for example; there are some like myself who feel that they thrive in relationships. The feeling of having someone in your corner to share victories and achievements with and to help brush you off and regroup after failures, is something that can’t be beaten, in my opinion. Being single is more of something to be tolerated than enjoyed, and while we do have our moments when we enjoy the freedom of not having someone to “answer to”, we’d gladly trade that freedom in for the companionship of someone who’s company we genuinely enjoy. On the other side of the pillow, we have those who feel the exact same way about being single. They prefer the solitude and the feeling of having full control of their own space on their own terms. They believe that another person isn’t necessarily required for fulfillment or happiness, and they may feel that having another person can be a burden or a hindrance to their success unless the person is already moving in the same direction that they are. But even then, sometimes these people are so focused on their goals that they wouldn’t take the time to look up anyway. And there is nothing wrong with that, we’re all entitled to feel how we feel, but I would like to know what you all think? Which side of the fence do you stand on? Do you feel that being in a relationship is the more enriching lifestyle or do you believe that being single provides greater advantages when it comes to moving ahead in life? Let us know in the comments below if you’re in a relationship what are the things that keep you holding strong day after day. If you’re single and loving it, let us know why you love it and what it is that is keeping you from joining the ranks of the romantics.