[QOTW] Living In Baltimore, Are You Worried About Your Job Security?

Shot by: Shae McCoy of Coy-Op Photos

Shot by: Shae McCoy of Coy-Op Photos

In a city where a lot of money is invested into new projects, developments, and business, where are the jobs? Recently, Baltimore was named one of the worst cities for jobs. Statistics show that Baltimore is ranked in the bottom 15% in regards to being the best place for a job. The factors that contribute to the city’s ranking include cost of living, lack of opportunity, and the high unemployment rate. The number of jobs in Baltimore has seen a drastic decrease since 1960 and this can be blamed on the major businesses that have pulled out of Baltimore. Even though the city is building to attract more businesses, it may still be difficult to obtain the high employment rate that Baltimore held proudly years ago. As a Baltimorean, especially one who may work for a major business at risk of pulling out, do you fear for the security of your job? Are you afraid of the employment rug being snatched from under you at any given moment?

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