[Technology] Freeman & Zuckerberg, An Unlikely Pairing

Image Source: Biography
Image Source: Biography

Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook, has been working on a personalized home computer system called JARVIS, named after the same system Tony Stark uses in the Iron Man franchise. It began as just an idea a little over a year ago and through the tireless efforts of Mark Zuckerberg, he has created and implemented this system in his home and is now looking to improve and expand upon it.  His automated system works in the same vein as the fictional system. It operates in and throughout his entire house, it is voice activated so that he is able to operate several of his home systems including lighting, televisions, and other electronic appliances solely with voice commands. This means that he can be in his living room and turn on a television and computer in his dining room or bedroom by simply speaking out loud and JARVIS will activate the necessary devices upon request. Much in the same light of Apple’s Siri and Amazon’s Alexa, it does respond to voice commands in a voice of his own and THAT is where Morgan Freeman comes in. Zuckerberg recently decided that he wanted to add a customized voice to his JARVIS system to add a more personal touch to the already incredibly personalized system. He was approached by Robert Downey Jr. himself, but Zuckerberg decided to place a poll on Facebook in an attempt to see who the people think should be the voice of Zuckerberg’s home, and the people decided that it should be Morgan Freeman. Morgan Freeman, as we all know, is world renowned for having one of the most soothing and easy to listen to voices in the game right now, with his voice acting services being used for both Hollywood films and documentaries alike. His voice will also be riding with and guiding a lot of people along their way with the “WAZE” app, as he will be providing vocal services to their company as well in the very near future. While there is no official word on when or how exactly the actor’s voice will be implemented into this system, what is known is that, after what was an incredibly casual phone conversation, Morgan Freeman has agreed to be onboard and the two will begin their work on the project together.

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