[Heavy'z Thoughts] The Grammys

Image Source: Billboard.com
Image Source: Billboard.com

It’s almost that time of year again, the Grammys are coming up and we can all get ready to watch and see a collection of amazing performances and, depending on who’s hosting it, a lineup of hilarious dialog. In my opinion, those are the only things to look forward to when the Grammys roll around because I’ve begun to notice a bit of repetitive pattern forming to the point that, when the nominees are announced, we’re no longer surprised at WHO wins. We primarily pay attention to the amount of nominations that are received. Now this isn’t to say that the awards aren’t deserved or that the work that these artists put in should go unrecognized. Over the years, the music industry as a whole, especially in regards to the mainstream which is who the Grammys are intended to celebrate, has somehow become both oversaturated and isolated whereas only a select few are provided with the exposure needed to succeed on this level, and those that are permitted are being constantly pushed into our faces so that we are forced to accept them even if we don’t necessarily enjoy their brand of music. Basically, we know who is going to win or be nominated because they are the only people that we see and hear on a day to day basis. For example, it pretty much goes without saying that if Beyonce has an album come out that year she will receive a good number of nominations. Along with her, the usual suspects; Drake, Kanye West, and Rihanna have also been nominated this year, each receiving 8. Bey, however, is in the lead this year with 9 nominations, one of which is for album of the year, which she rightfully deserved because she put out a great project with Lemonade. Beyonce isn’t the only Knowles with their name on the nominations card this year, Solange’s album “A Seat At The Table” has earned her her first Grammy nomination for the best pop vocal album. Chance The Rapper is also making his Grammy debut with seven nominations and also having the first streaming-only album to ever be nominated. So this year is looking to be filled with a few surprises. No performances have been announced yet but there’s always one or two that put on a really stellar show and I can’t wait to see who that will be.

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