[QOTW] Do You Think The Baltimore City Public School System Sets Students Up For Failure With The Teachers That They Hire? [Written by Shae McCoy]

Image Source: Wikipedia.com
Image Source: Wikipedia.com

In recent news, you’ve seen or heard a lot about teachers and educational assistants being in hot water for retaliating against their students. Recently, a second-grader was assaulted by a tutor at City Springs Elementary/Middle School. He has facial injuries that will require surgery. This isn’t the first incident where a Baltimore teacher has, either verbally or physically, assaulted a student. Prior to this incident, there was a Caucasian teacher who lashed out at a group of  Harlem Park Elementary/Middle School students and verbally assaulted them and was dealt with. My question is, whose fault is it that these types of people are teaching our children? How do these people continue to slip through the cracks of our school system? Who is at fault?

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