[Karlito's Korner] Karlito Interviews Kia Dawkins

Check out my Interview with Author, YouTube personality, and artist Kia Dawkins aka Kia Marie !!! I interviewed her about 6 months ago on “Late Nights With Lay” Radio show. Read Up fool !!!!
KK -How have you been since the release of your poetry book?
KD-I’ve been good, it’s definitely something that has made way for a lot of personal growth and development. One of the biggest things that releasing the project has shown me is what support really looks like. Aside from sales, when I go out and meet up with my people, I feel like they’re drawn a little closer to me. It’s nice to feel the love. It’s a blessing.
KK-Do sales concern you? Or is it more about spreading the love and the energy?
KD-I try not to get wrapped up in the numbers in general whether it’s sales, views, likes, etc. because it’s bigger than that. I’m here for quality products that tell stories, relay a good message, and get someone thinking. You honestly can’t put a price on those kinds of things anyway. It’s passion before profit for me although profit is beautiful too 🙂
KK-Haha absolutely. You also have a very entertaining, informal, and creative youtube channel. How’s the journey in developing as a web personality as well?  
KD-Thank you! Man, I was just looking back at some of my content from a year ago when I first got back at it and it’s inspiring to see first-hand what happens when you keep going no matter what. And it’s so nice to be able to build a platform that is 100% you and it’s so well received, especially since there is  a lot of different content on my channel. Bringing in the #ToBeDrenchedinDreams Playlist was a cool way to expose my book, but also tie in the hair and nail art videos with that purple twist. It’s drawn in quite a few purple lovers to the channel!
KK-Im guessing Purple is one of your favorite colors huh? Also how important is it to inform young entrepreneurs about chasing their dreams and still creating a balance in modern society?
KD- So many people think it’s my favorite color but, it’s a promotional choice that has taken over my life 🙂 That’s a good question! As a creative individual, it’s your job to chase your dreams but, because you’re a creative person, it’s your job to multiply your gifts and talents so that you can get where you want to go. A lot of people want to chase their dreams but they haven’t developed the skillset needed to keep their engines ready to roll. Your youth is an asset too, the more things you can do being a younger person, the more leverage you create for yourself. As far as balance goes, you being at peace with yourself and your decisions is the only balance you should strive to create.
KK- Yes !!! Speak on it !! How close are you to achieving your next goal ?
KD- I’m in the planning stages now but, it’ll definitely be ready by the time Christmas rolls around 🙂 I don’t wanna give away too much but, it’s definitely a project that ties in so many things I want to get into. It’s always a good sign to feel that light bulb go off when you’re really thinking!
KK- Absolutely ! Without giving too much out, What can we expect in 2017 from Kia Marie?
KD- Definitely more transparency, interaction, and more fire!
KK- I love it ! I appreciate you taking the time our to speak with me Kia. Let the people know all of your social medias etc etc please
KD-Sure! You can purchase a signed copy of #ToBeDrenchedinDreams at ToBeDrenchedinDreams.com. And the E-book version on Amazon Kindle. You can check me out on YouTube: Hairitage93, on Instagram @kia.marie and Twitter @xKiaMarie ! tobedrenchedindreams.com

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