[Guest Blog] #Goals [Written By Nichole of Diplomatic Brown Girl]

At some point in our lives, we’ve all lived vicariously through others. Whether it was Beyoncé, Oprah, or even some random person on social media, we’ve fantasized about their lives. If we were them, life would be perfect right?! We must stop living vicariously through others and live vicariously through ourselves. No one’s goals and/or life should be a part of YOUR life plan.
Yes, it is truly a blessing to be an inspiration to others. I love to inspire others! I also have a long list of those who are a great inspiration to me but, they’re just that, an inspiration. I now desire to be the best me! We all have our own path but, because we’re hardheaded (including me), we go off the path and when we do…you know the rest (rolls eyes). Living through and for others will never make you happy! You will have regret, resentment, and frustration because, in the back of your mind, you’ll know the truth. It wasn’t for you! We can hide from people but we can’t hide from ourselves. We must embrace the fact that we all have something beautiful and unique about ourselves that no one will ever be able to master. You should always want to be the best YOU that YOU can be! No one’s life, body, vacation, hair, butt, gut, car, house, wedding, hair or friendships should be your goals. This is where you lose focus and remember the goal is to FOCUS..FOCUS…FOCUS!!!
There is absolutely nothing wrong with viewing amazing people as an inspiration but never aspire to be like anyone! No one’s life is a goal! Your journey is uniquely crafted for you! Embrace it! Share your story! Be the best you! Stop planning and start doing. Focus!  
It’s the beginning of the week, find a quiet place and take a few minutes to just think! Even if it’s five minutes, take this time to release everything. Pray and meditate. Once your mind is clear, write down the goals that YOU (without the influence of anyone) would like to accomplish and the actions that you are going to take to make them a reality. Place the list of goals in a spot that’s visible every day (fridge, your desk, or in the car). Start checking off that list.  Remember that goals that are written down are wishes! Stop planning and start doing. Hold yourself accountable. Life is so short and we only get one shot! Live it!
Until next time, Stay Blessed!
Author: Nichole G.

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