[Current Events] Election Day Has Passed, What's Next? [Written By Shae McCoy]


Polling Location in Baltimore’s Southwest District, James McHenry Elementary School #10| Shot By Shae McCoy

Yesterday’s election may have upset the majority of the nation. What many voters were hoping for didn’t manifest, or did it? This may have been one of the most uncomfortable elections to date. Voters cringed at the polls because they saw no faith in the presidential candidates. Many referred to this election as choosing the lesser of two evils because both candidates seemed to not be trustworthy, according to the voters. In the Southwest district of Baltimore, I spoke with an elective official who expressed to me that he didn’t think that there would be a huge voter turnout in the area. He went on to express that many came out to vote early but, he didn’t expect to see anything close to 1000 voters show up to the polls. You would think voters would at least show face to vote for their local officials but, the lines showed otherwise.
Shot By: Shae McCoy
Shot By: Shae McCoy

As the day progressed and people left their day jobs to vote, the pressure was on. Not only was Baltimore City keeping eyes on the local election but, their eyes were glued to the voting results of the presidential election. Channels changed every second as we craved for different results, wondering if a reality television star would really claim the presidency and if Shelia Dixon would be successful in winning as a write-in mayoral candidate. Before midnight, the local results were in and Catherine Pugh was giving her speech as she claimed her spot as mayor of Baltimore. Another cringing moment. Many of us were up until at least 1 AM waiting for the presidential election results and it was not looking as good for Hillary Clinton as most people had hoped for. After finding out Republicans would keep hold of the House of Representatives, a series of events followed. Hillary Clinton held on as long as she could. Although she surpassed Trump in the popular vote, she failed to exceed him in electoral votes. There were a few factors that may have played part in her loss; one being a number of young voters who gravitated toward Bernie Sanders in the primaries. Although there was visual proof of Trump’s lack of respect for women, somehow more women voted for Trump compared to Clinton. Where did the votes go wrong? What has Trump promised that Hilary can not carry out? Donald Trump was definitely the unpopular candidate as his mouth has dug him in a hole  that he will never get out of, even with the presidency, but a majority of the voters seemed to see something in Trump that can not be seen at first glance. This election brought more attention to the green party as locals wanted to see Joshua Harris as mayor and Jill Stein as president but, the turnout for them wasn’t as good as voters had wished.
Listen to some insight I got from anonymous Baltimore residents:

It is now the day after and residents of this country are distraught and unsure of what will happen next.