[Current Events] Fatal Crash Claims Lives But, The Focus Is On School Bus Driver's Driving History

Image Source: Chicago Tribune
Image Source: Chicago Tribune

Tuesday morning was tragic for a few Baltimoreans who were all headed to different destinations. A fatal crash claimed six lives and injured ten others. This collision occurred on Fredrick Avenue in the Irvington neighborhood  located in Southwest Baltimore. The fatal accident involved a school bus, driven by Glenn Chappell, an MTA transit bus driven by 33-year-old Ebonee Baker, and a ford mustang which was rear-ended by the school bus that was headed eastbound.
The accident is still under investigation, according to the Baltimore Sun. Examiners are trying to figure out what exactly caused Chappell to collide into the vehicles. There are claims that Chappell suffered from a  medical emergency shortly before his bus hit the other vehicles. His family says that he has no history of bad health, according to the Baltimore Sun. Not only was his health state in question but, his previous driving record is what has people in a frenzy. His commercial driving privileges were said to be revoked in September before this accident occurred and he was not supposed to be operating the school bus. The question is, why is this narrative being pushed while families are grieving on both ends?  Although these are important pointers to further investigate, many think that it is very insensitive to mention faults while the situation is fresh to the victims and their families.
Our condolences go out to the victims and the families of the victims.

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