[Poetry] Heavenly Hell [Written By, Tre’ Vont Bowman]

Heavenly Hell
We’re living in heavenly hell… Oh so SWEET!
Sugarcoated hell, can I eat?
People gulping down the lava because it’s so sweet…
Water next to it but they still don’t drink
Obtained unforbidden knowledge but it’s forbidden to think…
Too many thieves around so I’m afraid just to blink
Stolen everything from me but my mind is my link
Knowledge on my mind so dangerous to think
They’ll probably kill you for making something happen so great
I will overcome my obstacles no matter how much time it will take
They’re trying to get inside my mind, body, and soul to make it all break
They’ll trap us for an eternity no matter how much time it will take
(Tre’ Vont Bowman)