[Poetry Submission] Being Black X DeMario Thompkins


Shot By Shae McCoy | Uncommonrealist.com

Being Black…

Is being in the dark forever but recognizing the light.

Being black is being alive and living life,

And yet..

Remember the chains and whips?

That was our burden while we slaved hard

Now today we chase these things so much

It’s become the biggest reason our mothers visit a graveyard

We should be enriching our spirit

That’s what we’re after

Divided, leaving us in debate, then they imitate

Our styles and habits

Knowledge is power, but to them us with knowledge is a hazard

Being black isn’t just feeling alive

It means Black lives matter.

Yet likely to be put in a cell again because of the presence of melanin

They create old gods and angels, while the youth only see the hell we in.

Labels : champions, teacher, also gang affiliated

Being black is life giving us oranges but seriously for some we’ve only Minute Maid it

Rise black people become aware of your higher being

Staying humble even though they ignoring ya

It’s to be kidnapped into a concrete jungle

And still be recognized as a warrior

Being Black isn’t just raising two liters

Instead it’s raising children that are true leaders

And our struggles for justice ain’t new either

If you scared of active change,get back!

But if you’re black and proud

Stand & clap.

This is being black.

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