[Business] Sense For Cents [Written By Kevin Hart]

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You give me sense, I’ll give you cents.

I’m so tired of dealing with establishments that have no sense in the way they treat their customers. I’m sure I’m not the only one who’s become somewhat fed up with public servants being indifferent to the cause of the individual. To have a concern is to come correct and to be heard in that concern is key. Once an individual is not heard, this concern quickly becomes a complaint.

My concerns are priceless and if something eats at me then I will eliminate it. I will stand against it and I will speak on it. I have rights and I am able so I will discuss these matters boldly with whoever chooses to listen. Preferably, I find decision makers who are willing to listen. Preferably, my concerns are not shared in vain. If so, and the cycle continues, how do we expect individual citizens to actually comply with lawmakers if those very same lawmakers are citizens that 1) do not entertain two-way communication with the people they rule, and 2) are often times not even adhering to the laws themselves? Am I crazy to think that something is wrong with this picture?!?

I move that we demand our local businesses to serve us properly. That’s what they claim to do, right? I’m talking about purchasing more than food. There are plenty of places I can go to eat and I don’t have to be treated unfairly in doing so. If I make a purchase, I should be delivered a greeting as well. If I eat in your facilities, I should be granted access to working restrooms and a clean water source. Hell, everyone who steps foot in the community where you do business (and make millions of dollars “serving” poor impoverished people groups) should be given access to working restrooms and clean drinking water. Am I a madman for thinking it necessary for these establishments to be thankful for the ground they use and abuse for their own prosperity? Is it really too much to ask for some kindness and consideration in return for paving your way to success? I digress.

So, if I’m setting up shop on the corner of North Ave and whatever, do I need to show my customers some respect or am I allowed to charge what I want and steal their joy while I’m at it? I must be living in an insane asylum. Are we people out here, or are we animals?

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