[What They Want] Uncommonrealist Covers Columbia Records Hip-Hop Artist, Russ’ Private Meet And Greet At DTLR Headquarters [Written By Shae McCoy]

This past Monday Uncommonrealist.com had the pleasure of covering Atlanta GA. artist, Russ’ private meet-and- greet at the DTLR (Downtown Lockerroom) Headquarters located in Hanover, MD.

Who is Russ?

russ 6

Russ | Shot By Shae McCoy


Russ is a 23-year-old hip-hop artist straight out of Atlanta, GA. and is a newly signed with Columbia Records. What separates him from a lot of artists in this current era is that he writes, produces, mixes and masters his own music which gives him the freedom to be original and unique. Russ makes sure that he stays consistent by releasing music weekly for his fans. In his career, he has opened  for Wiz Khalifa, Waka Flocka, Kat Dahlia, Vince Staples and more.  When it comes to streams, views and singles, Russ has accumulated 120 M streams, 20 M cumulative video views, and 100 k singles sold. As you can see Russ puts the necessary work in to be a successful artist.

Russ’ consumption has increased over 800% and his single What They Want contributes 41% to that consumption rate as it has 12M Spotify streams, 8M plays on SoundCloud , 7M video views, and 25K singles sold.

Russ just completed his  What They Want tour in June where he had sold out shows in Los Angeles,Denver, Portland and Seattle. He is currently coming up on the last days of his Do It My Way tour which ends in San Francisco, CA. Right now everyone is listening to What They Want, Pull The Trigger, Losin’ Control,  and Do It Myself. All of these tracks, separately, are racking in millions of plays and views!

russ 2

Shot By Shae McCoy

You Can Keep Up With Russ Here:


Instagram & Twitter : @Russdiemon

Spotify: Russ

YouTube: DiemonDotCom


Check Out More Photos Here:

russ 1

Shot by Shae McCoy

jay claxton

Shot by Shae McCoy

russ 10

Shot by Shae McCoy

tiara 2

Shot by Shae McCoy

tiara 1

Shot by Shae McCoy

russ 5

Shot by Shae McCoy

russ and chico da don

Shot by Shae McCoy

russ 12

Shot by Shae McCoy

russ 3

Shot by Shae McCoy


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