[And The Winner Is…] Learn More About #TheIncredibleLittleHipHopCypher Winner, Icon Tha God. [Written By, Shae McCoy]


Shot By, Shae McCoy | #TheIncredibleLittleHipHopCypher/ Mind over Matter2/ Uncommonrealist 3 year Blogiversary

Shot By, Shae McCoy | #TheIncredibleLittleHipHopCypher/ Mind over Matter2/ Uncommonrealist 3 year Blogiversary

As some of you may know, we celebrated our three year blogiversary this past weekend! Festivities went on with the help of The Incredible Creation who allowed us to share an event with them. Mind Over Matter 2 was meant to be a networking event where creative business professionals spoke and talents dropped new music. We added #TheIncredibleLittleHipHopCypher to the mix and things quickly got hyped. The cypher lasted three rounds with a few tweaks added and Icon Tha God ended up as our winner. He thrashed every round with a clever tongue!

tha god

This 23-year-old West Baltimorean is a lyrical beast. He’s done the competitions and cyphers and still yearns for more as a hip-hop artist. Coming from the same neighborhood as him, I know that it is not very easy to do what you love with confidence coming from areas that are crime infested and populated with people living at or below the poverty line. I admire his ambition and drive and his ability to produce and execute. Anytime that I have seen him perform, or even spit something short, his words always contained emotion and substance.

Underated 2

We concluded the Mind Over Matter 2 event with one of his new singles titled, Baby (NoMore), which will be on his upcoming project. UndeRated 2 is set to release November 6th.

Listen to Baby (NoMore) below:

You can check out his UndeRated project here:


You can also keep up with Icon via social media:

Twitter: Official_Icon

IG: iconthagod

FB: iconthagod


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