[Karlito's Korner] The Culture Needs Taxstone!

Tax Stone

We want what we cannot have and we do not appreciate what is best for us. In this case, it seems that you all cannot handle two things: the truth and someone else’s truth. Let us pinpoint the focus on media personalities, specifically Taxstone. I first became familiar with him after listening to Troy Ave diss him on the track “Lower Level Nutsax.” Initially, I thought that Tax was corny, a dude who just wanted to ride Troy’s wave for attention. Months later, I watched an interview of his with VladTV where he explained his gang affiliation in prison. Something about his honesty and, the way that he delivered his message, caught me off guard. Now, for those who do not know who Taxstone is, he has a podcast called “Tax Season” that has garnered a lot of attention and is one of the top podcasts in the game right now. He also uses his platform to bring new talent to the forefront such as Bobby Shmurda, Manolo Rose, and Kodak Blak. Tax came up in Brooklyn, New York. The main reason why fans appreciate Tax is for his honesty and bluntness. These characteristics set him on fire recently after he called Tupac and Cam’ron snitches for revealing details on their alleged shootings. Although he had said this month’s prior, VladTV released the footage from their most recent interview with Tax revisiting his statements.
Whether you are on the radio, the TV, or you are the biggest artist on the planet; media personalities are here to entertain. Some may call it buffoonery, while others look to it for a laugh. Regardless, they do have a job to do just like the person who rings up my double cheeseburger. As a consumer, it is up to YOU to filter through what you feed your mind with. Now, I’ve said that to say this, in 2016 Tax is important to our culture. Besides the fact that he is from the hood, he puts in work , and he is hilarious, he does not conform for the sake of popularity. Much like Charlamagne tha God, Tax represents barbershop conversation as well as the questions that are never answered. The media has never been in favor of those with my skin complexion unless you are an Uncle Tom like… never mind, I’ll chill. Do me a favor, put your personal opinions to the side and research Taxstone and those like him, people who have authentic, unstirred opinions. Appreciate his point of view as his and not popular belief.

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