[Art Is Incredible] The Incredible Little Art Gallery’s Comic & Cartoon Art Exhibit Kicks Off

the incredible
Photo was taken by Shae McCoy at The Incredible Little Art Gallery

The Incredible Art Gallery’s Comic and Cartoon art exhibit opened its doors in Baltimore City this past weekend. Artists from all over the DMV displayed their most nostalgic pieces of work. The art exhibit opened on March 19th and will remain open until April 10th. The Incredible Little Art Gallery’s location is in the heart of downtown Baltimore. If you are looking to experience an “Artgasm” while being blown away by the amount of talent showcased, then you need to go and visit the exhibit.

The exhibit opens Monday-Friday by appointment only, Saturday 1pm-9pm, and Sunday 1pm-8pm. The location is 823 E. Baltimore Street, Doors A and B.

 You can keep up with The Incredible Creation and The Incredible Little Art Gallery on Instagram to find out what events are happening next: @TheIncredibleCreation and @TheIncredibleLitteArtGallery



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