[Bad Teacher?] Maryland Teacher Dishes Out Racial Slurs Via Facebook

current events, world news / Monday, March 14th, 2016


Social media is used for a variety of things nowadays. Some use it to network for their businesses while some use it to FREELY express their feelings. That is exactly what 28 year old, Dean Player was doing the day he was verbally confronted by Old Court Middle School (Baltimore County) teacher, Neil Dembeck. Player posted a Facebook status on March 6th  reacting to the death of the late, Nancy Reagan. His post wasn’t to the liking of Dembeck, so he responded, but not in the way you would think an educator of middle school children would. Neil commented on the Facebook status first, calling Dean‘s statement “Disrespectful,” but he didn’t stop there.  He continued the verbal exchange in Player‘s Facebook inbox. Dembeck provoked Player with derogatory language. Saying things like “You’re what they call a nigger.” Dembeck is no stranger to Player. Player stated, ” …we went to the same high-school. Knew him and everything.”

See Screenshots below (shared from Dean Player’s Facebook):racist 3 racist 2 racist 1

See More Screenshots below (shared from Dean Player’s Facebook Messenger):

racist 6 racist 4 racist 5

Is this someone you would want teaching physical education to your child? Although there was derogatory terms exchanged between both parties, it is quite evident that Dembeck  provoked Player with his consistent slurs. We do not need people like this teaching in Maryland, or teaching period. Do the students and parents of the Baltimore County Public School System a favor and call ( 443) 809-4126, that is the board of education.





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  1. This is not true. I know Neil. He’s a fantastic guy. Definitely NOT a racist at all! His Facebook account was hacked. Someone was trying to harm him. That’s why he doesn’t do Facebook anymore.

      1. Well, this is unfair to Neil. He never said this. He’s a great guy. He has TONS of black friends and used to date a black girl. His sister married an African-American. His niece is bi-racial.

        Can this please be removed? Thank you!!!

  2. This is definitely not true! I know Neil and he’s an OUTSTANDING guy. NOT a racist! His Facebook account was hacked. Someone tried to ruin him. No one know who hacked it or how to get it fixed. He’s off Facebook now. But this is definitely not true!

  3. Did this really happen? I can’t imagine Neil saying this. He’s a great guy. Am I missing something? I don’t know Jeff but I gotta believe his account was hacked. Either that or he was in an altered state of mind (but I’ve never know him to touch drugs). This just can’t be.

  4. Whaddup Kevin? Yes, Neil’s account was definitely hacked. I found out right after it all went down. He was devastated. That’s why he doesn’t do Facebook anymore. Sad. He’s a good dude.

  5. Last year he was my teacher at old court middle 1A wow tho I would have never thought… he was a nice person… but every one has a dark side☻

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