[QOTD] No Indictments In The Sandra Bland Case, What Are Your Thoughts?

Photo Cred: USA Today

Many of us may have read or heard in recent news, a grand jury has decided not to indict anyone in the case of the late Sandra Bland. Sandra Bland died earlier this year in the custody of the Waller County, Texas police department. There was heated tension across globe regarding how she was treated in the jail before she was found dead three days later. Was it murder or suicide? The question that made most of our eyebrows rise.

It is said by Waller County district attorney, Elton Mathis, that Bland died from asphyxiation from hanging herself in her cell. A lot of people aren’t buying it while there are some who believe she may have committed  suicide.  The Waller Texas grand jury will be resuming in January to determine whether the officer who initiated  the arrest, Brian Encinia, will be indicted.  There is footage of Encinia being verbally abusive to Bland, but allegedly  no footage of what happened to her in her cell or what lead up to her death. Mathis went on to declare that no evidence shows that she was murdered. What do you think?

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