[Intro To Something Incredible ] The Incredible Creation’s #TupacBack Art Exhibit Previews Upcoming Art gallery

Photo Cred: The Incredible Creation

Wednesday ended a display of great talent at the office of The Incredible Creation . The Tupac inspired art exhibit included different artists from Baltimore that showcased their art for seven days.

According to Milly, who’s part of The Incredible Creation the sole purpose of this exhibit was to familiarize the younger generations. Why seven days? Why seven artists? What’s so significant about the the number seven?

This article exhibit was based on Tupac’s Makaveli The Don Killuminati: The 7 Day Theory. Everything down to the date is related in some way to Tupac and the project that this event was dedicated to. I got a chance to come two days in a row to see the exhibit and I must say the artists outdid themselves and Tupac is proud somewhere.

Photo Cred: Shae McCoy - Baltimore Artist Jerome Chester, Instagram Handle @thegroovyvandal

Photo Cred: Shae McCoy - Antonio Moore, Instagram Handle @antoniooneal
Photo Cred : Shae McCoy - Arthur Brown, Instagram Handle @arthurcbrown

To view the other artists included visit Instagram. Keep up with The Incredible Creation because this was just the beginning of something great. December 19th The Incredible Little Art Gallery will have its grand opening and there will be a plethora of artwork on display.

Keep up with The Incredible Creation here:

Instagram – @theincrediblecreation

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