[Sit Down] Log Out And Tune In


Photo Credit: Shae McCoy

What would the world be like without all of the modern day inventions we frequently utilize daily? People would be forced to be around eachother, talk to eachother, and be more in tune with the world that revolves around us all.
Yesterday I decided to test that out because my friends tell me that I spend entirely too much time with my cell phone. It’s so bad that it is to the point where I sometimes don’t even hear what’s going on around me. My friends take my phone at times. They know what my profession is, but they want me to keep it out of quality time.
So I had lunch in my backyard. Very peaceful as I sat in the grass enjoying every bit of sunray that hit my skin. It felt good not tending to emails, texts, and social media. My energy was high and positive. I watched kids play, and overheard conversations I’d usually bypass. I even heard birds chirping and insects buzzing.
After I concluded my lunch. I took a walk around my neighborhood. I’m usually on the go so I don’t sit around.

Photo Credit: Shae McCoy

The excitement of taking photos in my neighborhood was still fresh even though I have lived there for 22 years. I live around landmarks that I’ve known of, but with my head down in my phone I don’t notice.

Photo Credit: Shae McCoy

The moral of the story is that there is a world outside of the artificial one we live in, in our electronic devices. It’s ok to take time out to be simple and enjoy life as it was before technology won.

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