[Not Quite Fantastic] Fantastic Four In Review


A highly anticipated film slowly trickled down to a film most are saying was a waste of time and disappointment, but was it really?

Today you either rushed to theaters to see if your theory about the film was true or if your hope for this film was actually fulfilled. I went to see the film matinee style to give you the answer you may or may not be looking for.

Fantastic Four
the “reboot” and for those who don’t know what that is, it’s basically the rebirth of a film series. As most of us know the other Fantastic Four film was a bit subpar. Josh Trank (Chronicle 2012) took over with directing the film. From there we all expected Fantastic Four to have a good turn out.

With a top billed cast consisting of Miles Teller, Michael B. Jordan, Kate Mara, and Jamie Bell, I definitely expected to see great deliverance. Michael B. Jordan who is no stranger to Trank had the most to live up to being the biggest change to the film.

Before I go in to film likes and dislikes, I am not a Marvel fanatic nor comic fanatic. I do understand the frustrations of long-time Marvel and Fantastic Four comic fans. They were not ready for this change and did not mind expressing that.

What I did like about the film was the diversity and the acting. It takes a lot to deliver a good performance of a script that sucks.

Unfortunately there more elements of the film that were lacking. The story line confused me for a moment. I wasn’t aware of what was going on until the third or fourth scene. I feel like there was a lot of fluff within a short period of time. The film was only 100 mins long so I guess cramming was the go-to and it dragged for a long time before the action actually happened.

The script was mediocre, but the actors executed it nonetheless. The special effects were off. Some scenes looked more like Fantastic Four the video game and not Fantastic Four the movie. There wasn’t enough transitioning or scenes to give this film a chance. It went from point A to Z too fast. I didn’t even know what happened to Victor Von Doom until he came back as the villain in the end. He should have been sprinkled throughout the film to add some substance.

The concluding fight with the Fantastic Four and Dr. Doom was just WRONG. It durated between 3-5 minutes. After that the film was basically over. There were two more scenes and after followed the film credits. These blunders definitely took away from Sue Storm being adopted, Johnny Storm being black, and Victor Von Doom disappearing for majority of the film. I don’t think anyone cared about that as the film progressed.

Overall the film was OK. For a reboot, yes I was disappointed. When something reboots it’s supposed to operate better than it did previously. That was not evident here. There’s talk of a sequel and hopefully Twentieth Century Fox will hand this one over to someone capable of turning a good vision in to a better film. It is definitely good for a “Hey kids, let’s go to the movies” occasion, but not a “I’m a Marvel fan and I’m looking for pure fulfillment” occasion.

Maybe Marvel‘s “first family” was never meant to flourish on the big screen. Maybe it is time to wipe out the idea that Fantastic Four is film worthy. There were a few times my excitement peeked in, but instantly escaped as some scenes lacked humor and ability to keep my attention.

Uncommonrealist gives Fantastic Four 5/10.