[Homelessness] Where Do We Point The Finger Now?

Photo Cred: Shae McCoy

What do you see when you gaze upon this photo? A man chillin’? A man that’s comfortable?

This man is one of the many homeless people in Baltimore City. A city where many tourists may not ever get to experience this sight. If anything the tourists should make Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard and many other highway under paths a necessary stop to see the gritty image of the city. Why? The higher ups of Baltimore paint this illusion that the Inner Harbor is what all of the city is like. They are sadly mistaken and fooled, if only they go about a mile up the street they’ll see where the city stores it’s secrets.

As of February of this year Baltimore 3,000 homeless have been counted in a conducted Homeless Census. That number has probably increased since then. We probably have more vacant houses than homeless yet most of our city highway under paths are filled with homeless camps. 

The situation with the homeless can be compared to a home inspection. You have people come over and inspect your home, but you have someone living there so you hide their belongings somewhere in the house. We have homeless people all over the city, but you put up fences and build up other establishments instead of building more shelters or providing other alternatives them. Forcing them in to the outskirts isn’t the solution, but another source to the problem.

We complain about the homeless being on drugs, pan handling for reasons that may not be of our liking, but what do you expect when they are basically economically handicapped? Who is really to blame, the homeless who have no residence so they can not get jobs even if they wanted  to or the higher ups/ government officials who have the power to provide opportunities for them? 

The City is more about currency than its own people ,but who didn’t know that. With all of the money spent on useless projects and developments, no one should ever be homeless. No one should be forced to stay in a homeless shelter where they have to pay and they have no income. No one should be forced to stay in shelters that are at full capacity and are filthy. No one should be forced to shack up with pedophiles in shelters, but it’s happening . You don’t want the homeless out committing crimes,doing drugs, and asking for your hard earned money?  Help them. Of course they’re not going to want to help themselves if there’s no hope presented .  

We’re a village right? 


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    1. As far as people under the the higher ups… we feed them and even give them essentials to live on a day to day basis. I feel like if we really had a collaborative effort to get some things built or even get word out to our government that we could make some shit happen. Srry for the language lol

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