[First Look!] Fantastic Four Teaser Trailer!

film, movies / Tuesday, January 27th, 2015

[Trailer Presented By 20th Century Fox]

20th Century Fox seems to have something great in store for its Marvel fans! Here’s a quick look at The Fantastic Four film! This film will be in theaters August 7th of this year and I hope to see many butts attached to seats that day!



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  1. Super excited for Mike! Can’t wait to see the movie this summer! The trailer is great, all teamMBJ fans have been waiting for this trailer for months.

  2. This looks good my only fear is that they are going to take away from the image all Marvel fans know and love. I’m all for black actors getting good roles but at the cost of taking from the true image of Fantastic four I just don’t know if it’s worth. I do like how they are using a lot of up and coming actors instead of the ones that are getting outdated in Hollywood; it’s about time for some new faces, but I was a big fan of Marvel growing up. There are black characters that I think he would have done a good job with as appose to playing a white one. I know you are a big fan of his but is him getting a role worth the iconic image of Fantastic Four?

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